your first moot: what to expect when your expecting GRRM
been several, several years since my last moot. a moot is the name for a gathering of the true fans of GRRM. call ourselves the brotherhood without banners, or bwb for short. we stay in touch on and plan the shenigans there. never been to a moot outside the US of A but always wanted to. i hear the itnernational parties are a real blast.

first thing first, be prepared to laugh at yourself. if you cant laugh at yourself then you can get out right, your not human. my nick name is Mr. Phipps, coined by the grandnephews and nieces, but the fans wouldnt accept that. PMGRRM is what i got handled. poor man's grrm, hahaha

also be ready for a lot of potty humor and pranks. lighting farts, seran wrap under toilet seats (oh god DO NOT pull a prank on george or even worse call parris Phipps like i did my first time i am lucky the man still allows me in his grand presence). stuff like that. a lot of the regulars have asbergers so if you dont know anyone on the spectrum research it.

i am the oldest of the group usually, and i hope they consider me part of the crowd. my first time i felt like the ugly girl at the prom. some dipshit kid tied my shoelaces together and then pulled my pants down and i found out the Dornish Delite brownie i was eating came from some asshole's commode. lol. like i said earlier you have to be ready for this stuff, lot of poo humor, general farting around, even some bra snapping on menopausal little ladies. its all in fun though. the last moot i was at in Vegas george got involved in the shenigans and sent a bunch of us out to get weird fast food. god that hotel room stank after that, holy moly.

you also need to know about the entourage. George's adoptive TY, linda scriptbaby snodgras, some others. to get to george you gotta get in good with them. so get ready to kiss some rear ends and work on your early george lit knowledge. scriptbaby is my age, maybe a couple years older. i'll tell you if i wasnt already married..... just kidding to the missus on that one.

welll i best get going, time to reheat the guacomole nacho platter. the little seniorita at the taco truck is trying out a new salsa and holy mother of god does it set your spincter on fire but daaaamn so worth it.

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love livin in the land of green chile and chips. retired months ago and thank the good lord no more shit home cooked meals from the little lady who could burn water. she now does my bidding, getting me some real damn food from my favorite taco truck down the block every day. i think we may actually name the little lady seniorita running the truck the godmother of our newest granddaughter. the missus dont like it, she got another think a coming.


musings from a retired auctioneer, among other things
Worked my ass off my entire life. Auctioneer. Exterminator. Handyman. Tour bus driver. Wrasslin announcer.

2012 was the year i said DONE. I'm going to sit on my ass, blog, eat, and enjoy the finer things. I paid my dues. I gave the little lady 30 plus years of the easy life, now it's my turn. Not leaving the house except for cons and moots. Not eating any more homemade crap. Ordering in, great greasy fried Mex foods only the southwest has to offer, and when i cant get delivery, the missus will go out.

screw exercise....... three blocks down a lovely little seniorita has a taco truck, and that's my daily walk, for my favorite guacomole nacho platter.

its rocking chair time for this old codger.


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